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The Southeast Should Say No To Monday Sit-at-home And Self Destruction

It's time Southeast leaders stood up against what is happening in our various communities. The masses are living in fear. Lives are put on hold without any solution to this menace.


The Southeast is gradually becoming a shadow of its old self. What was once a widely known peaceful zone is turning into a dam of crimes, crisis, and all sorts of bad things. Living in the southeast has turned out to be disastrous. Every Monday, sit at home, irregular midweek sit at home, killing of civilians, and unnecessary destruction of properties.


This crisis is obviously going to crush the economy of the Southeast and the entire population living in it. This is the right time for our leaders, especially those in political offices, to use their good offices to find an everlasting solution to all these crises.

We voted for them for a time like this, when they would stand at the forefront and ensure peace and harmony in the land. We have governors in five states in the South East, senators, House of Representatives members, ministers, and so many other prominent offices. 

The masses, on their own part, have a role to play in maintaining peace and getting things back on the right path once again. We must completely and openly condemn the killing and destruction of property that is ongoing in our land.

Photo credit: Douglas Owerri during Monday sit at home.

I strongly believe that we can still make our voices heard without resorting to killing and destruction of properties that took us years to acquire. We can reestablish peace if we work together.


What's your take on all the crisis going on in the Southeast?

How best do you think the government should approach these issues to avoid escalation? 

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