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Look at the 5 wicked warlords in African history

This list shows you the list of the most wicked people in African history. Read along and educate your soul

1. Joshua Blahyi or General Butt Naked

   Joshua Blahyi or General Butt Naked, former force commander of Liberian rebel leader Roosevelt Johnson. He was known for his brutal role in the first civil war in Liberia in the early 1990s and claimed responsibility for more than 20,000 deaths in Liberia. General Blahyi led many intoxicating children and young people who fought by fighting naked or wearing female clothing. 

This is what the style of war considers impossible for them. , he was a con artist during the war. But he eventually became a Christian preacher. (Hmmmmmmmm)

   2 Jean Kambanda

   After becoming a government official after the assassination of the former president in Rwanda, he was responsible for the crime after learning that he was not involved in stopping the genocide if possible. Instead, he supported them with weapons and ammunition during the 1993/1994 genocide in Rwanda.

 However, he denies having knowledge of the planned use of genocide which left his hand with a bloodstain of more than 800,000 souls.

3.Joseph Kony

   Joseph Kony formed a group called the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda. He was accused of recruiting child soldiers with at least 60,000 abducted children. His military campaign says that 1,000 people are killed every week. 

As a result, he was charged with ethnic cleansing and war against the Ugandan people. Many children lost their lives during the war.

4. Idi Amin

   Idi Amin is also known as "Boucher Boucher Uganda" because he wants to kill his political opponents and all those who oppose him.

   It is estimated that 300,000 people were killed between 1971 and 1979 during the period Idi Amin ruled Uganda. These deaths have been detrimental to his country and, unreasonably but understandably, to the reputation of Africa in general. In their attempt to expel Asians and foreigners from their country

   It has also spent millions of dollars on foreign aid provided by Uganda over the years, the money being used to build Makerere University, one of the largest educational institutions in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Idi Amin's eating habits are also bad. He likes to eat honeycomb and raw larvae during the state dinner. Idi Amin also wants to eat human flesh (cannibal) as he did before.

5.Bosco Ntanganda

   He was the warlord who helped overthrow the regime in Rwanda in 1994. Because of his involvement in the Congo, he was appointed chief of military operations and was known as the "Terminator". 

He is responsible for a combined total of 800,000 deaths and a long list of human rights violations. This boy exercised his power and authority

We care to hear your opinion, if you have been educated,pls share, comment like and follow me. May we have a graceful day. Amen.

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African Boucher Boucher Uganda Joshua Blahyi Liberian Roosevelt Johnson.


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