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No More Age Limits For Unemployed Nigeria No More Age Limits For Unemployed Nigeria Graduates-Senate

Yesterday been 15th of July 2020 the Senate has employed the Nigerian President Buhari to look into the of unemployment the country and also review the age limit of some graduates looking for a job.

The federal government has confirmed that most graduates have suffered a lot looking for a job for years which could lead to limitation of age that disqualified them from getting employed

The situation youth are having presently is not their fault due to lack of employment in the country, the youths stayed at home because there is no job and spend of money most even buy a job to succeed in life.unemployment in Nigeria is getting out of hand for young graduates from different institutions.

The Senate of the federal republic of Nigeria stated that barriers putting some young youths into disadvantages position of age limit from getting employed by ministries and other agencies.

Meanwhile, some Nigeria youths are into so many crime today because of lack of employment, with their expectations that there is no employment, this situation has lead to an increased rate of crime in the country.

Hence, the Senate today is asking for the removal of age limit by recruitment agencies and ministers so that many graduates will benefit and employed

With this understanding, what did you suggest, is this a good move by the senate?

What do think? Is this a good move by the Senate?

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