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Opinion: Any S'East Gov who fails to attend the S'East Govs meeting today may face the wrath of citizens.

Today is going to be a good day for the rest of the South East people in Nigeria. The South East is bleeding to death without anyone to help. But thank God the leaders have decided to swallow shame and do the long awaited needful by organizing a family emergency meeting, compromising of all the South East Governors, and the leadership of the Ohaneze Ndigbo in Enugu, for discussion on how to save their fathers' land from total elimination from the surface of the earth. It's over four months that the East was on fire with the havock of the unknown Gunmen and lately the sit-at-home order from the outlawed IPOB members. Since this ugly trend began, the governors have only met once and unpreparedly announced the formation of the Ebube Agu security outfit to reduce the insecurity in the region. 

After the hurried declaration many people doubted the possibility of floating the security guard without knowing when they were trained and who trained them. Only a few state paraded men in uniform after the meeting, which the Governor named the Ebube Agu; it's unclear whether the Ebube Agu patrolled for a week in that state before disappearing into oblivion.

Since the escalation of the worse state of insecurity, the police and the military are helpless without knowing what to do, since you can't be everywhere at the same time. Previously, Imo state was their concentration, but today Anambra has taken over, Enugu is the second, and others are following. The Eastern people cried out for the blood of their dead loved ones, while the Governors were busy encouraging people to go out on Mondays to open their shops, saying that everything had been put in place to protect them, but those who tried were either killed or had their properties destroyed, with no apology or compensation from the government.

Events in Anambra State, where a renowned Igbo son was killed, Dr. Chike Akunyili, and the death of another surgeon in Enugu, opened the eyes of the Igbo leaders that the angel of death has come to kill the rich class that they belong to. Observers are of the opinion that this is the reason they wake up from slumber, since they don't know who is going to go down next.

Anambra politics has been suspended, political rallies suspended, and governorship hopefuls have resorted to carrying the dead bodies of those killed by unknown gunmen to mortuaries and organising burials to show love to the deceased families in order to attract votes. A few days ago, the leadership of the South East Governors distributed circulars to governors of the East, the leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo, and church leaders to convene today, October 5th, 2023, to discuss the double tragedy that is eating up the Igbo race. Observers are watching with keen interest to see how the meeting goes. The top agenda should be how to end the insecurity in the East, how to end the sit-at-home order, and how to get the leader of the outlawed IPOB members, Kanu, out of detention. They would not fail to see how they could meet President Buhari to help save the East. 

The South East is supposed to produce the next president of Nigeria, but the leaders who are not united to save their home, which is on fire, should not be trusted to make their Igbo son the next president of Nigeria, unless by divine intervention. The angry masses are waiting to see what the meeting will be like and whether there will be any governors who will be absent. Such a governor should be ready to be stoned by the helpless youths who have been sacrificial lambs since this insecurity and sit-at-home order started. Today is a day of history.

What do you think about this? Don't you think that some governors may fall victim to the people? Kindly send us your comments below the box. Share and like this work. Follow us for updates.




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