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Lockdown: Politicians Should Provide 50 Million Naira For The Teachers In Nigeria [Opinion]

Please Note: This article is all about the way I feel about the conditions in this country, after reading please feel free to share with us your opinion on it too. Happy reading

Covid-19 has left so many people in the world stranded especially the Nigerians, the pains so many parents and guidance are going through in this situation is very heartbroken, just to eat even twice a day is now a problem for so many people in Nigeria. Industries are being shut down, freedom to go outside and work is now being restricted, even schools are not left out.

The masses are crying out loud every day for some miracle to happen, but their voices are being ignored, the prayers of every household in Nigeria are to bring salvation into their lives. They are struggling for survival in the hardest way possible for their families and loved ones, wives are scared for their husband not to look for money in an illegal way.

We are aware that Schools have been shut down for quite sometimes now and teachers who are making sure the futures of every citizen in Nigeria is secure and safe, are now finding it very difficult to survive in this current situation. Their lives are at risk, including their family members who depend on them for survival.

The government is there looking but are doing nothing to compensate these teachers, all they do is give rules and regulations even they can not follow. Now with all the money, these politicians have made either through the citizens or the country welfare, how hard can it be for each of them to donates the sum of 50 Million for the well being of these teachers who are being starved to death.

They all need to organize themselves and do what is needed in this country for a better living of the citizens in Nigeria, this is my opinion. God bless Nigeria

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