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Stages of passing a bill into a law in the parliament

1.First Reading: 

This is the stage at which the draft of a bill is presented to the clerk If the house by a minister or a member of the parliament depending on the type of the bill, The clerk If the house normally notifies members of the parliament about the presence of the bill, and the title is read out before them. It will be printed out in leaflets and circulated to all members for them to study before thee second reading which the date will be fixed.

2.Second Reading:

At this stage, the purpose of the bill is explained to the house by the

person who brought it. Members of the house will then debate or argue for or against the bill whether it should be read a second time. It will be put into vote and if more members vote for the bill, It will move to the next stage and if not, that will be the end of the bill.

3.Committee Stage: 

 The bill at this stage is referred to the committee can be a committee of the whole house or standing committee, depending on the importance of the bill.

A committee of the whole house comprises of committee preside over by the

Speakers of the house of he president of the senate, the bill considered section by section and amendment proposed and voted form, important bills are referred to 

committee where member are constituted into groups of four or five for the purpose 

of considering bills.

4.Report stage:

At this stage, all the finding of the various standing committee are reported to the house or the bill placed before the house, after all the necessary amendment 

have been made, the chairman or the speaker of the standing committee then reads the bills in it's amendment form to the house.

5.Third Reading:

At this final stage, errors connected with the drafting or amendment. A final vote is also taken on the bill at

this stage, before it is taken to the president for his assent or signatures, after the bill has passed the five stages in Both The House Of Senate And Representatives And The President has signed,the bill automatically becomes a law.


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