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Why the UN may not respond to Akintoye and NINAS after the US rallies.

The United Nations is having a summit at its headquarters in the US. This is a summit that comes up annually. This year's event is more unique because of the issues bordering covid-19 era, economic meltdown, and terrorisim, most especially the recent fall of Afghanistan.

In Nigeria, there are pockets of the issues mentioned above that are happening in Nigeria, like in many other nations in the world. Because of these issues, the NINAS grouped themselves together to launch a campaign for the balkanization of Nigeria. The reason they have is peculiar to other nations in the world. The leadership of the team, Professor Akintoye, is leading NINAS to balkanize Nigeria and to suspend the 1999 Constitution.

The UN has received the documents of self determination from Akintoye and company, but has not responded to them officially. Observers are of the opinion that the UN may not respond sooner.

There are many factors that may stall the UN from attending to the NINAS request. These include.

1. Nigeria is not the only country suffering from an issue bordering on insecurity: The UN is fighting global terrorism, and is doing everything possible to end the threat. A few weeks ago, the US sent Tucano fighter jets to Nigeria to help curb the menace of bandits, ISWAP, Boko Haram terrorism, etc. Because of this, it might be hard for the UN to look into the balkanization of countries, since it may not solve the security threat problem facing the world. It may even worsen if any country goes into civil war, because of the creation of new states and boundary adjustments that would likely come when creating a new state.

2. The past records of many petitions received by the UN include: The UN headquarters have been bombarded with petitions from different quarters. Many regions in countries around the world are requesting self-determination. So many of these reports are left unattended. This has made it hard for them to take an active response to various petitions. Should the UN answer all the regions on their proposed seccession, there may be no country in the world that may not have issues bordering on this? What this means is that almost all the states will be disintegrated.

3. A dad-like approach: Because the UN does not want to cause more problems in the world, they always advise you to go home and that they will look into your petitions, which sometimes takes them donkey years to respond to. Lately, an issue bordering on COVID-19 is troubling the world's strongest body. They may concentrate more on this epidemic than on issues bordering on seccession. Nigeria has so many challenges, but if the citizens and the government work together, Nigeria can become a better place for you and me.

What do you think about this? Do you think that UN headquarters is ready to answer the NINAS on the issues bordering on seccession and abolition of the 1999 Constitution now? Kindly send us your comments below the box. Share and like this work. Follow us for updates.





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