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War may break out between China, Australia and US over who owns Taiwan and the South China sea

Tensions have been rising between The US, China, Australia, and other countries over the ownership of the Taiwan and some islands in the South China Sea. Recently, the Taiwan government said that over 25 fighter jets breached its airspace.

Many of you may have been hearing about China's claims over Taiwan, here is a short story about what happened. China was running an imperial government where emperors ruled. As nations are getting advanced, that system of government was no longer effective.

In 1911, that system was abandoned and The Republic of China was formed. This reformation led to the formation of two parties - Kuomintang and Communist Party of China. Political struggles between these two parties led to a civil war in 1927. The war lasted long and by the close of the war, the communist party had won major areas including the mainland in China and some of the islands.

In 1949, the communist party declared the territories they won as the People's Republic of China. The other party named their territories as Republic of China and later, the Republic of China moved to Taiwan. Since then, both the people's Republic of China and Republic of China have all laid claims to both Taiwan and mainland China. That's the source of the problem. Taiwan is backed by the US and Australia. Australia is close to the disputed areas and may be caught up in the ensuing battle.

Australia has been upping their games recently by procuring more weapons including fighter jets. America is sending combat ships and troops to the region in case China takes military action against Taiwan. The Australian government thru its general had earlier said that war with China is imminent and may only be 5 to 10 years from now.

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