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Any of These 3 People will Make A Good Leader And Tackle Nigeria's Problem If Supported in 2023

If Nigerians wants to overcome the present challenges bedeviling the country, it will have to do away with sectionalism and tribalism in the process of choosing the next president.

There is an array of competent and abled personalities that can get the job done across the country but due to the complexity of politics that is played in the process of choosing a leader, it makes it difficult for the country to place competence over mediocrity.

It is true that the zoning arrangement does not give room for next president to come from the northern part of the country, yet, if care is not taken in the process of getting the next leader, the same mistake that led the country to where it is presently will be repeated.

If Nigerians truly stand for something and really want to get out of this present challenges, there is need for them to beam a searchlight on any of these three people for 2023 because of these special qualities that stand them out

1. Dr. Peter Obi

The name, Peter Obi will always ring a deafening bell to every Nigerians. This is largely due to how he was able to convince the nation that he could manage the economic affairs of the country during his responses to critical questions at the vice presidential debate in 2019.

Obi, a seasoned Economist and thoroughbred administrator had once proved his competence while he was in office as Governor of Anambra State. For eight years, Obi practically redefined the system of government and emplace good governance in the system. 

He reduced the cost of governance and bolstered the revenue generation of the state without squeezing a drop of sweat from his people. He left the office as a hero and remains one of the best former governor in Nigeria till today.

By virtue of his political experience, social exposure and intellectual accumen, Peter Obi will make a good leader and will obviously restore the economic glory of the country if allowed to sail through the murky water of politics to the presidency.

2. Professor Yemi Osinbajo

Osinbajo is another intellectual titan that has the solution to the Nigeria problem. But unfortunately, he is restricted to his corner as vice president due to the constitution of Nigeria that limits the power of his office.

Osinbajo, a sound Senior Advocate of Nigeria has proved himself several times when president Buhari was not in country and has the opportunity to preside over the affairs of the country. He is competent, intellectual and highly influential. He knows the necessary buttons to press to make things happen and he has the strategies to deal with forces that are threatening the unity of the country.

3. Kingsley Moghalu

This is another intellectual product who launched himself into the political realm in 2019. But because of his naivety in the system, he was relegated to the background after the election. This however did not change the fact that Moghalu is the president Nigeria never had and still being searched for.

During his presidential tour in 2019, Moghalu proved himself as a man Nigerians need to occupy the Aso Rock. While dealing with questions during the presidential debate, he left Nigerians in awe with his mastery of the game and he analysed the situation of things and how he intended to profer solution to it. 

Moghalu might not have held a major office aside being a deputy Governor of central bank but he has a deep knowledge of what it takes to take Nigeria to the next level if given the privilege.

This however explains why Nigerians should beam their searchlight away from politicians this time and give any of these technocrats a chance to prove their mettle.

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