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The USA will likely respond to an attack on IPOB at burial of Nnamdi Kanu's parents

The burial of Nnamdi Kanu's parents is due to hold on valentine's day. Despite repeated warnings by the police that the affair must be non-secessionist, there is every likelihood that IPOB will run the show.

The police has already threatened to disrupt the burial if that becomes the case. This raises the likelihood of violence at the venue. Unlike in the past when such occurrences are not taken note of by the international community, this time it is likely to be different.

Following the arrest and detention of Sowore illegally by the DSS, the US government has taken more interest in Nigeria's human rights record which they had hithertho shunned given President Trump's chaotic presidency.

However other arms of the US government have beamed their searchlight on Nigeria's security forces. This was highlighted when a senior senator in the US senate Bob Menendez stood by the wife of then detained Sowore to call on Nigeria's government to immediately free him. The senator also promised that his committee would ensure that the US' relation with Nigeria was reassed.

The US state departement has also taken an interest in Nigeria. What all these means for the federal government is that an attack on IPOB at the burial of the parents of their leader will likely draw the attention of the US government and given the frosty relations they already have at the moment, sanctions could possibly be in the offing.

Do you think the Federal government will attack IPOB?

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