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What Political Value Is Toyin Saraki That Can Warrant Someone To Sponsor Any Campaign Against Her?

It is only the guilty that is afraid,of what political value is Toyin saraki that can warrant someone to sponsor any campaign of political calumny against her.The fact that herself and her husband had been relegated to where they belong,political footnote of history.shows that the evil perpetrated by the thieving family is beginning to haunt her.

What they sowed is what they reaped.They cared only about their political hegemony and how to use their position to amass humongous filthy wealth at the expence of the masses.As slave master herself and her husband will forever remain irrelevant and soonest nemesis will catch up with them all. Running to court at the slightest accusation will not save Bukola. Even if he wins inthe human court,the court of the Almighty arbiter awaits him.The court of almighty cannot be manipulated and he shall receive in quantum all that he deserves and he shall be judged according to his deeds. Let him and his wife wait for Allah's judgement. By accusing AA of sponsoring press men to malign her is the greatest height of self delusion. She is simply trying to be relevant having realise that she had been brought down to earth and she had become irrelevant and she no longer enjoy the spotlight she was used to and their thieving family should continue to lick the wound. Kwara and kwaran freedom will continue to stand as the slave master and other band of marauders will never have any access to Kwarans treasury, never again

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