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Lessons for Magu, Malami and others in government


- Richard Akinola

Yes, the EFCC under Ibrahim Magu engaged in media trial and unfair incarceration of suspects. 

On this page, l never stopped highlighting such abuse of power. Though, he is also being made to swallow same bitter pill he served others, that doesn't make his treatment right and l would continue to criticize such arbitrariness against him. What is wrong is wrong. 

However, l just hope that his nine-day detention and him being subjected to media trials, would have taught him some bitter lessons in his quiet moments of introspection. It's also a lesson for those currently holding the levers of power, that things could suddenly change and therefore, should be circumspect when using State's power, either by way of arbitrariness or being disdainful to court orders when the liberty of a citizen is in involved. 

When you whimsically and capriciously disobey court orders because you are in power, you would still need the same judiciary when you are out of power. 

The futility of this kind of conduct was aptly encapsulated by Justice Chukwudifu Oputa, JSC (as he then was), in a paper titled :"The Judiciary and the administration of justice - critical assessment and recommendation", presented at the Nigerian Bar Association Workshop in Jos on August 27, 1986, where he counselled:

"For one thing, no one can be in power for ever and those now in power may, when out of power, need a strong, fearless and impartial judiciary to vindicate their human rights or their civil rights.

It will be extremely myopic for anyone in power to emasculate the only safeguard, the only sanctuary he will claim or resort to when out of power, when he comes face-to-face with the abuse of power".

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