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Why More Arab Countries Keep Accepting Israel

Why More Arab Countries Keep Accepting Israel

Some Arab states have started waking up to the reality about the state of Israel. It's quite fortune that they are getting so much mature as to understand that unless they threaten Israel, Israel is never a threat to them.

Israel is a peaceful and serene nation whose military activities are more defensive than offensive. They only respond to aggressions. The times they reportedly had clashes with the palestines were times they responded to their aggressions. 

However, many of the Arab countries have begun to perceive the futility of their opposition to Israel, even at a time they should benefit from Israel's unprecedented technological advancement. Israel is now powerful and very influential. She will happily have more deals and trade/peace treaties with Arab countries that are not hostile to them, and are willing to work together for the many benefits for both sides.

Arab countries are beginning to also realize that the media are misrepresenting the true situation between Israel and Palestine, hence they are learning that Israel is never hostile to other countries, and usually act purely on a defensive ground when being threatened, otherwise they are peaceful. They know that Israel is a country that will rather spend time on businesses, trade, science, innovation and tech than wars.

Some Arab states identify the fact that hatred does not give progress to either sides, and they see the benefits of getting closer with the Israelies, primarily economically (business, trade, deals..) and strategically (military).

Also, some Arab countries see Iran as more threatening than Israel, hence they decided to join forces with Israel to fight their common enemy. 

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