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Check Out President Joe Biden's Greatest Achievements In Politics After 4 Decades

Important things many don't know about President Joe Biden of America. He is the oldest President in the history of the United States. He has been in office for the past four decades which is more than half his age.

The analysis is as below:

1. The number of times the President has been decorated. On 12th January 2017, he was decorated as Presidential Medal of Freedom. He is also number one in terms of a President from his part of America. Since 1776, the Delaware part of America has never produced a president in the USA. 

2. The second Catholic to become a President of America. The last time Americans had a Catholic in the White House was in 1961 when John F. Kennedy was a President. The number of published works credited to the President - Promises to Keep and Promise Me, Dad

3. Occupations of the president. Besides being a president, he is also a lawyer and an author. Politics is the third occupation.

5. The number of times the President has been elected to office. First, he was a county councillor in 1970, a U.S.Senator in 1990, a Vice President in 2008 and 2012, and the recent office of the President of the United States 

4. The number of children the president has. They are Joseph Robinette "Beau" Biden. He is the current Attorney General of Delaware, Hunter Biden- former Vice Chairman of Amtrak Board of Directors, Ashley Blazer Biden also a Social Worker and Fashion Designer, and Naomi who is now late.

7. The number of times the President has been re-elected in office. He was re-elected six times as a Senator and once as a Vice President. The number of Foreign Honours the President has received. They are:

Estonia Order of the Cross of Terra in 2004.

Crescent of Pakistan 2008.

Kosovo Golden Medal of Freedom 2009

St. George's Order of Victory 2009

Latvia Order of the Three Stars 2011

Ukraine Member of the Order of Liberty 2017

Order of the Montenegrin Great Star 2018

11. The number of times he has beaten Republican candidates in his political odyssey. Though the President has occupied office five times, he has won election eleven times occupying that office. He spent thirty-six years in the Senate 1972-2008. Then he won all the elections beating all the seven Republican candidates that contested against him on seven occasions. As a County Councilor, he won against another Republican candidate. As a Vice President, he won against two Republican candidates on two different occasions. The recent one was against another Republican, Donald Trump. 

15. The number of times the President has bagged an honorary degree. Most of them are in Doctor of Laws. All were awarded by universities within the United States. 

28. The president's age when he first tried his popularity in American politics. He won as a County Councillor.

46. The president position in chronological arrangement of the United States presidents.

47. The president position in chronological arrangement of the United States Vice presidents.

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