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Why APC Will Not Win 2023 Elections

The All Progressives Congress, APC, will not will the 2023 Presidential Election. The reasons are quite glaring and numerous.

    First, the APC as a party lacks internal democracy. Since its emergence as the ruling party, seven years ago, the APC has not been able to devise peaceful and candid means of resolving intra-party disputes, ranging from Congresses, Conventions and Primary Elections. As a result, the party has been described by critics as one with people without credible qualities for a democratic leadership.

    Secondly, the rate at which insecurity is increasing in the country is overwhelming. The oppositions will certainly capitalize on this, to convince gullible supporters, to dump the party, which is already losing popularity and followership in its northern stronghold. Just as the president has been labeled underperformed in the area of security, analysts and critics have rated him low in most sectors of the Economy.

    Another reason is unemployment. Just at a time when the whole is battling a global pandemic in Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, working night and day to see how to ease the sufferings associated with the period, in terms of palliatives and stimulus packages, the Nigerian federal government, through the federal ministry of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development, announced that they have decided to disengage the 500000 beneficiaries of one of its National Social Investment programmes, popularly called Npower.

    Many of the beneficiaries have aired their disappointment, over this, calling themselves ‘used and dumped’ by the apc-led government. The beneficiaries, who have also stated protests across the country, argued that the president, prior to the 2019 General Elections, assured them that none of them would go back to the street.

    And again, the ethno-tribal argument will come to play. While the National Leader of the party, Senator Bola Tinubu has been portrayed and publicized by a section of the populace, mostly from the South-West, northern political leaders such as Ango Abdullahi, Alh. Yerima and others, have continually stated that power such remain in the north. And this has equally received a backlash from other ethnic groups in the country. And for those who do not know the reason for the tussle at the national level of APC, this is the simple reason. The plan is to remove the southerners from key positions, including the chairman, secretary, publicity secretary, and such like, and then replace them with northerners. And as such, the road to 2023 would be partly clear. But other ethnic groups will resist this, eventually leading to the party being factionalized.

    Corruption is another important setback for the APC-led administration. Noting that the most notable achievements the government could be proud of is anti-corruption, it can be reasoned that the past few weeks have changed the derivatives, narratives, figurative and statistics of the purported war against corruption. The arrest, detention, quizzing and subsequent indictment of the Acting Chairman of the Economic And Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Mr. Ibrahim Magu, has raised not just eyebrows but a red flag, salient questions have continued to be asked at various quarters, on the issue, further bringing to questioning, the credibility and modus operandi of the anti-graft agency. Concerned people keep saying that it is a justification of that the fight against corruption by the Buhari-led government has been selective, and against perceived opponents, since most of the said allegations were brought against Mr. Magu about three or four years ago. What about the allegations currently rocking the Niger-Delta Development Commission, NDDC, and the Federal Ministry of Finance?

    What these mean is that the APC-led federal government have lost the confidence of most people, and it will still lose more. This will, in turn, have dire negative effects on its road to the 2023 Elections.

Content created and supplied by: Sunny_Vale (via Opera News )

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