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James Polk: The President Who Secretly Purchased Enslaved Children While in Office

This president was the 11th president of the United States. James was known for growing the size of the country by more than one-third. Reports has it that he concealed the way he purchases enslaved children and young adults, whom he sent to work on his Mississippi cotton plantation while he lived in the White House.

Reports has it that of the 19 enslaved people he bought during his presidential term (1845 to 1849), 13 were children, the youngest of these enslaved children was a 10-year-old boy named Jerry. It was known that he kept his slave trading a secret by instructing all the surrogates to buy enslaved children on his behalf and then discreetly transfer them to him and from there he sent them to work on his plantation. It was known that when he was the president, he brought enslaved people to the White House. 

In a letter he wrote to his cousin, He described he preferred slaves who were young and effective,

And also in the case of girls, they would have a lifetime over which they could give birth to additional slaves because any child born to someone he owned was considered his property as well. 

He later died a few months after his presidency ended, and his wifewhod helped orchestrate his secret slave tradingcontinued to enslave the people he had purchased during his presidency back then.

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