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Opinion: Why Biafra Won't Come Unless This Questions Are Answered

The agitation for the actualization of Biafra led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is on topic which really needs to be discussed, considering the way its going now.

The agitation which was Started by late Odimegwu Ojukwu, was what actually led to the first Nigerian civil war, and till today many of the Igbo's who seem to be at the frontline of the struggle believe biafra is the only solution to what the country is passing through now.

For me i will totally disagree with that because there are still alot of questions and arguments that needs to be answered and cleared if eventually biafra comes, which am not sure its going to come because there haven't been much support from the international community and also the division amongst the agitators is another factor that is making it impossible.

Now why i say biafra is not the soluction to our problems rather it will add more pains and suffering on the people is this.

1. if biafra republic is achieved, who will be the president?.

Will the Igbo's be allowed to rule? And will they rotate power if they are allowed to rule.

2. Where will the capital of biafra be cited? Because from the map, Enugu seems to be the centre.

3. All major biafra activities seems to be centred in the igbo states, wont this cause envy and division amongst the people?

4. Many igbo business men have there headquarter in lagos which is not in biafra, will these people be willing to relocate there business to Biafra?

This and alot other reasons is why i say it will be impossible to achieve biafra unless this questions are answered and well agreed on with unity.

Setting up a security network is not the only thing biafra needs now, the people also needs to know there feature if they gain independence.

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