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Niger Deltans should stop Blaming Buhari and APC Government for their Calamity

Do you really understand this NDDC how they are spends Niger Delta's allocation?

That an Interim Management Committee of the NDDC Spent N81.5 billion as sundry expenses, including graduation ceremonies in the United Kingdom during lockdown?

Spent N3.14 billion for COVID-19 palliatives for staff.

Spent N1.3 billion on community relations

Spent N85.6million for travels during lockdown between February and May 2020

Spent N122.9 million on condolences between February – May 2020. 

Spent N23.8million on consultancy.

Spent N2.6 billion on medicals

Spent N790.9million as impress


Spent N1.9 billion on Laser fever 

Spent N706 million on legal services 

Spent N1.121billion on public communication

So many people think development carries party face, it's a pity to the NDDC people that allows few Politicians to use us as rituals.

Where will you go and seek for justice in this country if you're not really to say what you should do to vultures that are using us for indirect rituals.

I charge them to calculate the number of Political appointees in the whole south south from 2001 in the commission to date, and the ratio of development in zone, the whole thing is mess.

We should not pretend as if it s well,we dying on daily basis, those vultures should be sent to exile the nonsense is too much.

If you are from South South the activities of NDDC, Niger Delta commission, Governors and chairman of local government doesn't concern all what you concern is calling Buhari that he underdeveloped you.

These are four ways you can developed. Is very difficult for you to see an average Niger Delta criticizing or see what is wrong with them all.

I weep for the Niger deltians, I weep for Nigerians, I weep for these nation and the youth will still come out to carry cardboard in support of this so call leaders.


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