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Nigerian Ownership: Who Truly Owns Nigeria?

Words On Marble 

Who Owns Nigeria ?

“I am the leader of Usman Danfodio dynasty, I have never seen where in the hundreds books of Usman Danfodio where it was said Nigeria belong to the Fulanis. What he wrote was the role of Islam in leadership, governance, among others. They never mention of conquer of any particular land or claim of ownership of any territory.

People make comment that Jihad is to Islamise every country but I said no, Danfodio never came to Islamise any country, he preached against bad government.That fake write up was by those who don’t want peace in this country”

  -Sultan of Sokoto,Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar

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Islam Muhammadu Sa Nigeria Nigerian Usman Danfodio


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