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BITCOIN HEISTS: Twitter Is Smoking Hot As Bill Gates, Barack Obama's Twitter Account Hacked.

Bill Gate Verified Twitter Account Hacked.

Twitter accounts of billionaire Bill Gate and other prominent men such as former america president, Barrack Obama, Kenye west and his wife Kim Kardashian, Warren Burffett, Jeff Bezos and Mike Bloomberg were compromised.

The hacker happens to post a tweet promoting cryptocurrency scam "Everyone is asking me to give back and now its time, I'm promising to double all payments to a Bitcoins address in the next 30min. "

The tweet is clearly a scam, but coming from these men a lot of Bitcoins users have been sending their Bitcion with hopes of getting double.

Twitter support account has verify the incident and are said to be investigating and taking step in fixing in. All verified account holders are unable to tweet as part of the security measures.

This is undoubtedly the biggest security incident twitter has faced considering the accounts that was involved. It is very concerning not just the fact that the hackers can use this accounts for financial scam, but the fact that some very prominent leaders like President Donald Trump uses it in announcing major policy decision, a hack like this one one of these world leaders account can have some serious consequences.

Last year the account of the CEO of twitter, Jack Dorsey was also hacked and alot of concerns were raised concerning the safety of any twitter us er account.

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