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OPINION: It Is Disrespectful For Nigerians Not To Know The Whereabouts Of Their First Lady, Aisha

Where is the First Lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari? The truth is that Nigerians do not know. The first family have not deemed it fit to carry Nigerians along concerning the whereabout of the First Lady of their country and this is disrespectful.

Constitutionally, the wife of an incumbent President is also officially in office and carries out official duties for the betterment of her country and this is why she is called the First Lady.

It is an aberration for anybody who occupies a public office to disappear without an explanation. Truth be told, it is irresponsible.

In the history of Nigeria, it has never been heard that a First Lady suddenly disappeared.

And why would any woman so privileged wish to flee from a life of power, respect and glamour that the position of a first lady guarantees? This is very unlikely except all she enjoys comes with a heavy price. There are so many speculations about happenings in the Presidential villa and if these have any iota of truth, Aisha must have been living a life of horror that finally necessitated her fleeing.

Chief among these speculations is that the man acting as Nigeria' s President in Aso Rock is an imposter. There have been lingering speculations that the actual Muhammadu Buhari who was elected President in 2015 died a couple of years ago. If this rumour has any element of truth, is it not a enough to send the

First Lady scampering? What wife will continually act as a wife to an imposter, a stranger who she never courted, agreed to marry or wedded but is suddenly forced to cohabit with in order to preserve the game of political deception? What bondage could be more than that? Only an evil woman as dark as the evil cabal said to be holding Nigeria captive will remain and help to preserve such deception.

Perhaps the reason behind the First Lady, Aisha Buhari' s disappearance is one too heavy to disclose, hence her disappearance without explanations.

Regardless, Nigerians need to be accorded the respect they deserve by not being kept in the dark regarding the whereabout of individuals holding public offices.

This goes in line with the principle of accountability required of public office holders world over. Accountability extends beyond how a public office holder spends public funds to his how he spends his time. You can' t occupy a public office and disappear without a word, that is tantamount to shacking your responsibilities.

But it looks like the first family in Nigeria is adept at the disappearing game. A couple of years back, the actual whereabout of the President was made a secret to Nigerians. He took ill and the cabal kept everyone in the dark regarding his exact location. This can only be done in Nigeria where elected public office holders lose respect for those who voted them into office.

Regardless of the reason which necessitated her disappearance, it is disrespectful of Aisha Buhari not to carry Nigerians along.

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