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See 5 Things That Will Make PDP Lose Edo State Governorship Election

As we all know the situation of the things in Edo state presently. APC (All Progressive Congress) and PDP (People's Democratic Party) are preparing to win the Gubernatorial poll with everything within their power.

Though candidates of the both parties believe they have incumbent power, PDP owns the state authority while APC owns the federal authority.

But no matter how strong governor of the state might be, he will always be under the president shoe.

Most of Edo state PDP are working with serious mind to ensure the return of Obaseki as governor of the state but I pity them because all their efforts may become abortive after the election.

I know that my view will cause a lot of hatred to mind of PDP members, most especially my friends but I don't care whatever they might be thinking about me. Because what am saying is bitter truth.

To understand what I have explained above, read the five things am going to pens down below to justify my assertion.

1. Displaying video of how Kano state Governor "Abdullahi Ganduje" publicly in billboards across the state is unforgettable injury for APC. They will do whatever it might take them to defeat PDP, because whenever they remember how this video was displayed it will pepper their brains. And I want you to remember that "Ganduje" is the chairman of campaign committee for that election. If you were "Ganduje" would you take it slightly with Obaseki and PDP? You can watch the video by click on the link below to know how it may spark Ganduje brain

2. Do you think Inec ( independent national electoral commission) will work in favour of PDP? Never, they won't do it because nobody wants to lose his job. And remember that APC have the full control over Inec activities. Take that downs to your skull.

3. It is obvious that APC will use presidential power over PDP on election day to control every unfavorable situation that might work against their victory.

4. Another thing that will make PDP lose this coming election is that majority of their party members will betray them on election day, because some of "pastor osagie iyamu" loyalist still remain in PDP and they might be secretly working for APC candidate as it is normally happens in the political world.

5. The last thing that will finish PDP victory on that day is former governor of the state "Adams Aliyu Oshiomole" capacity in the part of the state. Even Obaseki himself know the ability of "Oshiomole" on how to setup winning strategies against opposition party.

So PDP should forget and return Edo state governor seat back for APC candidate.

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