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Stay safe used to be "wear a face mask", now its "Dodge a bullet" in Nigeria- see reasons

The watch word used to be "wear a face mask" but it's now "Dodge a bullet", see reasons:

The word "wear a face mask" was a popular slogan both on television and all platform across the world, to be specific here I want to talk about Nigeria.

In Nigeria the act of wearing face mask started in the month of March to prevent this deadly virus currently ravaging the country.

We Nigeria have been wearing face mask everywhere we go and we've practically been used to it now.

Currently, immediately after the Independence 🇳🇬 in this country , we have automatically shifted from the "wear a mask " to "Dodge a bullet". The reason been that due to the current #EndSARS# protest ongoing in the country.

The reason for the current happening being that :

Hoodlums attack:

We all know that the protest which started peacefully few weeks ago has been hijacked and taken over by hoodlums and some occultic society in the country.

As a result of this, sporadic shooting everyday and people a looking for where to hide their head in order to "Dodge the bullet".

Military Actions:

As a result of the behavioral attitude of the military personnel over the last three days at Lagos which led to the loss of lives, may has been hiding in other not to be a causative victim of the protest.

In conclusion, you can see that right now in the country, no one is concerned about the coronavirus pandemic, as to even 95% of government officers are not concerned, rather all attention has been shifted to the protest in the country.

Even to the citizens in the country, no one is really concerned about wearing face mask as everyone want to save his or her life against death.

Thanks for reading... I would really appreciate your comment and opinions about this post.


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