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Have You Seen How Lovely Joe Biden Is With His Grandchildren? Meet The Family of Biden

Have You Seen Have Loving Biden Is With His Grandchildren? Meet The Family of Joe Biden

Joe Biden is one of the US presidential contestants. As for now, he is leading Trump. This is an excitement to other and to some, it's sadness. Before turning into politics, Joe Biden served as an Attorney he is also the 5th youngest senator in US

Biden was born on November 20, 1942 in Pennsylvania. His father, Joseph was a used car seller while his mother's name is Catherine

in 1972, Biden's wife and three children were involved in a terrible car accident, they were out to get a Christmas tree. His wife and daughter died while his two sons were terribly injured this was really hard on Joe that he wanted commiting sucide but with his family's support he stood still and now, he might be the newly elected president. Who knows

Here are pictures showing moments he shared with his family

Joe and Son

Joe and daughter

Joe and wife

Joe and family

Joe and grandchildren

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