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As Peter Obi Celebrates Birthday, Check Out Why He Is Loved By Nigerians. (Opinion)

Many Nigerians started loving the man Peter Obi more after his lecture on The Platform organized by Pst. Poju Oyemade on the 1st of October 2016. A speech which drowned out the Independence Day broadcast of the President of the Nation. This speech trended for the remaining part of the year and has not stopped trending till date.

Peter Obi governed Anambra state for 8 solid years and practically performed miracles placing Anambra state to enviable heights. He changed the face of governance in the state with the careful and detailed provision of democracy dividends through Anambra Integrated Development Strategy, ANIDS with which he developed all the sectors of the economy simultaneously. His governance style was wholistic as he made sure no stone was left unturned.

When he was running for the office of the governor of Anambra state, he asked Ndi Anambra this question: "are we cursed, or are we the cause"? What he did in the state proved that we are the cause and not cursed.

Peter Obi

While he served Anambra State, he gave in his time, talent and treasure for the general good of his home state and her people. The hallmark of his governance was bringing Anambra State to a glorious light and out of the dark ages where the state was home for all activities and roundly known for wrongs or bad. He worked so hard to set a standard, a clear pedestal that every Nigerian politician of substance respects him for those, even till this day.

While serving as Anambra State Governor, he brought down the cost of Governance to it's first ever lowest minimum of all times. His humility was next to none. His cool-headedness was model-like. His carriage was plain simplicity. His person was a true-father figure. And for the records, he built the first ever stock exchange in the entire South East of Nigeria at the ever busy business hub of Onitsha. 

He built a standard and first ever State Secretariat complex and as well, housing unit for top Government officials particularly, those in the Judiciary system. He provided official vehicles for all top Government officials, including Directors, making him the first Nigerian Governor to extend that gesture to those. He built a university teaching Hospital. He built a digital library. He built and fully equipped the state general hospitals. 

Obi didn't stop there. His concentration in the education sector was the climax, returning schools to her original owners, the church and funding them too. The gains he made in the education sector made Anambra took first position in WAEC and NECO for 4 consecutive years is still being reaped today. In security, he provided all towns, markets and unions with security vans. In road construction, it is a known record that till this day, Anambra remains the state in Nigeria with the highest or easiest intra state road network. No matter how far or the distance, one can easily cover an extreme to the end of any part of Anambra within just an hour.

To sum it up, while he rounded up his service to Anambra State, before the whole world, he gave an account of his stewardship, where he made new record which remains yet to be matched .

When Nigerians were gushing at his marvelous and practical speech on the platform, those of us from Anambra were not surprised because we knew who he was and what he could do. He lived a modest life even as a governor because, that had been his lifestyle right from time. He practiced what he preached and his emphasis was and is always on sustainable development.

In the Nigeria of today, not many politicians could be ranked with Obi in terms of modesty, prudence, integrity, and economic wizardry which made him to achieve more with less and prepared Anambra state for the current economic recession.

He was the only opposition governor that became a special adviser to the president on economy and was also in the economic team of the federal government.

When the then finance minister was telling states to save for the rainy days, nobody listened, it was Obi who saved and was able to leave over 100 billion naira in cash and investment for the administration of Willie Obiano. A feat never seen before anywhere in Nigeria. He went about his business with no sirens and even walked when necessary. He rejected the conferment of titles during the course of his administration. He demystified governance and built a never seen confidence in the hearts of the people of Anambra state.

A whole lot of individuals till this day maintain that Anambra is still capable of paying her workforce and running the Government because Obi saw into the future and saved for days like this. Oil is at an all-time lowest and most Governments are borrowing and recouping from every and indeed all quarters ever possible, including an incredible hike in taxation, so as to raise state internally generated revenues.

Obi With Vice President, Osibanjo

Obi did so well that the entire Igbo land stood still as the traditional institution honoured him, all the Igwes in Anambra state came together and bestowed upon him the revered title as "Okwute ndi-Igbo". Like the Biblical Peter, Obi is also a rock upon which the new Anambra state was built. The church, right from Rome and by the Pope honoured him with it's highest, the Papal Knight of the Roman Catholic Church. 

Ever since Obi left the mantle of leadership as the Governor of Anambra state, there has never been a corruption case against him nor any indictment. He has embarked on school apostolate as a pastime and has visited countless schools across the states of the federation providing funds for school buildings, equipping of laboratories and provision of computer sets to enhance learning. He is yet to stop his school apostolate as he knows that education is the bedrock of the society. He has always laid emphasis on the future of our children as he opined "the society we abuse today, will take turns on our children tomorrow"

Some years back, in the wake of the search by security agencies of the Osborne Towers where an alleged tranche of cash amounting to 13 billion naira was discovered, and where Obi is a tenant, even in his absence he sent the keys to his apartment through courier and even instructed that they should also search his house in Onitsha if need be.

The only crime Obi was ever found to have committed was when his detractors accused him of having more than one wristwatch, when he said he had worn one wristwatch for almost a decade. The funny thing about that was that he was never found to have embezzled public money, but people were engrossed about the personal effects of a private individual. Any Nigerian former governor whose crime was having two wristwatches instead of one ought to be canonized a Saint. He has said it years before the watch saga that the use of wristwatches is to keep time and nothing more. He even reminded us that very soon people will not be needing wristwatches to keep time because mobile phones will replace them.

Peter Obi is an employer of labour and a business man who has many companies to his name. He was Chairman of many banks and is MD of many companies. He is a very rich man in every indication and may be ranked among 1000 richest men in the world, yet he makes no noise about that. He is skilled in negotiation and bridge building, though very soft spoken.

He is the most sought after Nigerian politician both locally and internationally. He has always proffered practical solutions to our problems, both economic, social, political and otherwise, hence he is always invited to speak on various gatherings ranging from conferences, symposiums, workshops etc.

At the peak of the nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has ravaged the whole world, he appeared on several television stations from his home preferring solutions on how to curtail and avoid the situation. During this period, the naysayers were accusing him of knowing only how to talk without action. Peter Obi being a man who doesn't play to the gallery. He does his things in a way only him can. Apart from doling out 40 million naira in support of his state party to ameliorate the situation, he provided series of palliative measures ranging from food stuffs and hospital items which is still in distribution across the various hospitals of the nation till date.

Today, as we wish him a resounding Happy Birthday Celebration, we urge him to remain steadfast in his quest for national development, while praying God to grant him many more years in good health as he provides leadership and mentorship to many of his ardent followers, and continues to contribute his quota to nation building.

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