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Presidential Palace In Nigeria Vs Presidential Palace In 15 Other Countries, See Incredible Photos

I believe most Nigerians are familiar with the word "Aso Rock" as a place where our president lives. The truth is that only few have seen what it looks like in reality. This article will show you incredible Photos of where our president lives and also where presidents in other countries live as well.

The official place of residence for a president and where he stays till his time in office comes to an end is called a PRESIDENTIAL PALACE. However, some countries don't call theirs a palace but give it a different name.

In Ghana, their presidential Palace is called Flagstaff House, In Canada it's called Rideau Hall and then Nigeria refers to theirs as As Rock.

The Presidential Palace in Nigeria, Aso Rock

To become the president in one's country is one of the greatest, demanding and distinct honor imaginable and such honor should be carried with pride. Being the president of a country comes with a lot of benefits because it's one of the most powerful offices to hold.

As a president you get to travel the world in the best airplanes available and when you step foot into any place in the world, they treat you as a guest if honor.

All these benefits listed above are great but nothing is greater or more rewarding than getting to live in an incredible mansion/palace throughout your whole time as president.

Often times these palaces are built in such a way that the cultural Identity of the country will be projected to the world.

So besides Nigeria, I will show you photos of outstanding presidential palaces in 15 other countries

1) Washington, DC, USA

2) Brazil

3) Czech Republic

4) Germany

5) Vietnam

6) France

7) Russia

8) Turkey

9) Austria

10) Portugal

11) Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace, Dubai

12) Flagstaff House, Ghana

13) Rideau Hall, Canada

14) South Africa

15) China

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Flagstaff House Ghana Nigeria Presidential Palace Rideau Hall


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