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Opinion: Letter To My Fellow Nigerians From The Southeastern And The Western Parts Of The Country.

We all have to contribute our quota to the development of Nigeria, Nigeria is our country. Making Nigeria a better country is our collective responsibility. 

This is to my people from the southeast and those from the western part of the country. Agitating for Biafra Republic and Odudua Republic is not the way forward, if we all stay together as Nigeria and fail then what is the possibility of us making it when we go our separate ways.

We have highly experienced people in the southeast and the western part of the country, instead of agitating for separation why not join the government in the fight for better Nigeria. Nigeria will be better if we do what is necessarily expected of us.

No part of this country has it all, we still need each other's help. The Igbo will struggle to survive and the Yoruba will also struggle to survive likewise the northerners just because they do not have it all. 

Unity and selflessness are the answers to our problems in the country. Let an Igbo man and a hausa man live as roommates. Let a Yoruba man marry a Fulani lady, this way there will be love and Nigerian will be great again.

Let the political icons we have from across the country come together and work for the good of the country.

Nigeria is one and we must keep it as one. Thanks for going through this my dear Nigerians.

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