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Group warns against Questionable Calls To Arrest Pastor Enenche, Over Speech On Presidential Election

The call for the arrest of Pastor Paul Enenche, the senior pastor of Dunamis International Center, and Pastor Sarah Omakwu of the Family Worship Center has provoked a warning from a civic society group, the Global Network for Sustainable Development.

On Friday, the group, in a statement, gave their warning, saying it was “questionable” to continue to call for the clergy's arrest by the Center for Social and Economic Rights, despite not being the only ones to speak against the conduct of the presidential elections on February 25.

According to PUNCH, the GNSD signed a statement through Phil Roberts, the National Coordinator, pointing out that the call for the arrest of Omakwu and Enenche is “antithetical to democracy and freedom of speech.”

However, Roberts alleged that in an effort to silence the voice of reason, the group had been hired “and render our nation a tyrannical and dictatorial enclave where citizens live in perpetual fear and bondage.”

He noted that the actions carried out so far amounted to a gross abuse of his fundamental human right as a free citizen and advised the group to stop further acts of public incitement against the person of Dr. Paul Enenche.

According to part of his statement, “Our attention has been drawn to a provocative and inconsequential call by a certain faceless, clueless, misguided, and self-acclaimed civil society group, the Centre for Social and Economic Rights (CSER), for the arrest of Dr. Paul Enenche and Pastor Sarah Omakwu over what they called inciting statements."

“We also realised that this same attention-seeking group had made the same misplaced call exactly on the 28th of February 2023. They are obviously renewing the call since their first attempt did not generate significant attention or reward from their supposed paymaster.

"The conduct of this group is antithetical to democracy and freedom of speech. They represent the worst enemy of the Nigerian nation as they are out to sabotage the efforts of both the state and the citizens in building a more tolerant, progressive and inclusive society.

"How can you address yourself as ‘civil’ while openly canvassing for illegitimate use of force by agents of the state against her citizens? How can you be fighting for and against citizens’ rights at the same time? This is nothing short of barefaced hypocrisy and duplicity. They speak not for the nation, but for their gaping mouths and hungry bellies. They stand not for democracy but for autocracy and tyranny.

"They are, therefore, advised to stop further acts of public incitement against the person of Dr Paul Enenche. Their actions so far, are tantamount to gross abuse of his fundamental human right as a free citizen.

"Any further incitement by them against his person would be taken as a deliberate and wilful provocation, aggression and assault. We will employ every litigable means to make them pay for their thuggery and criminality in the name of civil society advocacy.”

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