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774,000 FG Jobs: The Application Should Be Done Manually At The Local Government. [Opinion]

As the masses awaiting the kick off of the registration for the government special public works of the federal government, which the procedure for the application has not been decided.

The aim of the government to create the job, is to employ 774,000 thousand people across the local governments in Nigeria. Each local government will have 1,000 selected applicants in the programme. While each employee will be receiving a take home of twenty thousand naira as salary at the end of each month. The programme is expected to begin by October, 2020 and lasted for three months.

In order to make the application for the programme effective, and transparency enough, the federal government should allow the application to be done manually through the local government authority.

If the application process is placed online, it might not favour the original dwellers of a local government, since the computer can't identify different people with their local government, some local government will just be occupied by other people from somewhere else.

Since the dwellers can identify themselves facially, the application should be done within the local, so that, later, their data can be uploaded online.

The federal government can intervene in the recruitment process of 774,000 people, by ensuring that, a delegate from the Federal is present in each local government to protect the job from being hijacked by politicians. The politicians might want to use the avenue to deny some people, the right to the programme.

So, if a delegate is present at the place of application for the job in each local government, it will not give any room for anybody in the local government to politicise the job. This will make the job to be opened for everyone in local government.

If the process is done manually and locally, it will be of great benefit to the original dwellers of the local government, and the job will be done effective, because they know that, they are going to serve their environment.

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