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"You're Citizens Of No Nation" - Lady Blasts African Americans Complaining Of Racism In America.(Pics)

For the better part of this month, social media has been agog with different cases of racism, from BlackLivesMatter to those caught on camera and those that were shared on twitter and other social media platforms.

These cases, ranging from popular George Floyd, to that of the lady who called the police falsely on a black man because of her dog, there has been a plethora of chants against racism, so much so that there's not even a Hashtag that says #BlackLivesMatter.

Apparently, and much like my own thought process, this lady on twitter that goes by the name Ayemojubar had become aggrieved with this African Americans that scream racism all the time, and she has taken to her twitter timeline to blast them, saying that they are citizens of no nation, especially as they don't know or even care about their continent, where they are from in Africa or even their town, and at the same time have to deal with racists that treat them badly.

Ayemojubar is a popular twitter politically inclined influencer, and never ceases to use the platform to share her opinions on issues around the globe and Nigeria.

She had posted saying?

"As African Americans, you don't know and care if Africa is a continent or a country, you don't know your source or your town, at the same time not fully accepted by American racists that treat you like sh*t. Listen! You are citizens of no nation."

Sadly, this is the truth. Ask most African Americans where they are originally from and they give you the eye, shrug it off, or plainly tell you that they don't care. And it's funny because these are the only immigrant people that became part of the American society through slave trade.

It's quite better they find a way to track Theur roots, so that they know they have a place to come back to, and most importantly to call their own. It's not just about BlackLivesMatter anymore.

What do you think?. Is Ayemojubar right or wrong for her statement?. Kindly let us know through the comment section and don't forget to like and share this post

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