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Opinion: Any of These 3 Serving Governors will Tackle Nigeria's Problems If Given The Chance in 2023

The current situation in Nigeria calls for drastic and desperate measure and it is only a leader who is firmed and assertive in this area that can achieve that. 

Presently, the entire part of the country is battling with insecurity and the government at the centre appears helpless, harples and terribly confused on the next line of action. Of course, no matter how a leader tries to solve the problem, he can not give what he does not have.

The present administration has really tried but it is obvious its best is no longer enough to take the country out of the wood. There is need for a more pragmatic and dogged approach by someone who is more rugged and tenacious in getting the country out of this situation.

There are three people who are currently governors in their respective states that can achieve this solution based on their capacity to stamp their feet without any fear or favour. But this will only happen if they are given the support by Nigerians to make the move.

1. The first of them is the Kaduna state governor, Nasir El-Rufai. Many may argue that El-Rufai is from the north and, cannot rule Nigeria at this time. But in the real sense of it, the situation of Nigeria at this time does not understand the language of where a president comes from.

What we need right now is someone who can deliver for the country and bring insecurity to its barest minimum. Considering the antecedent of the Kaduna state governor, it is unarguable that he will tackle the situation. For him to have made a statement last week that he would never negotiate with bandits and kidnappers even if his son is kidnapped shows he is a no nonsense man.

As far as El-Rufai is concerned, kidnappers or bandits should not be given a second chance once they are caught. They should be killed instantly. Over the years, many kidnappers have been caught in Nigeria but after a while, their matter will die a natural death. They will return to the creek and become more brutal and deadly.

If they had been killed, it would have passed a message to others to either drop their weapons or ready for the fatal consequence of their action. Nigeria needs a man like El-Rufai who will be merciless with enemies of the people.

2. The second person in this category is Rotimi Akeredolu, the governor of Ondo state. It is now a common knowledge that Akeredolu has clearly seperated politics from governance. Despite being in APC, it does not stop him from kicking against some of the anti-people's policies of the federal government.

He was the first governor to rise against the activities of Fulani herdsmen in the southwest despite all the threat on him from the federal level. Akeredolu issued an ultimatum to the herdsmen to leave the state forest and he stood by his pronouncement.

He never played politics with lives of his people in Ondo state. And on several occasions, he had proved that if given the chance, he can correct the rot that has bedevilled every aspect of the country especially the insecurity. People like Akeredolu are what we need at the helm of affairs.

3. The third person that can correct the problem of insecurity of Nigeria is Nyesom Wike,the Rivers State Governor. Although, many people will argue that Wike does not belong to the ruling party and cannot be given that chance. 

However, the current problem does not recognize either APC or PDP. It does not even know the particular region where a president comes from. It is a national crisis that needs to be dealt with, without minding who leads at the battle front.

Although, Wike is a thoroughbred politician and legal luminary but in terms of being rugged, dogged and fearless, he is definitely the man that can confront the situation headlong. He has what it takes to deliver if given the privilege by Nigerians. 

But the question is, going by the kind of politics we play in Nigeria, will these people be considered? Politicians will rather allow the problem continue than voting someone who will take his stand and take the country out of the wood.

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