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Corruption in NDDC: Buhari Takes A Position, Calls The National Assembly to Order

President Mohammad Buhari goes tough on the corruption allegations making round about NDDC.

He issued a stern warning on his determination to deal with the corruption that has crippled the Niger Delta.

His comment is contained in his tweet in which he stated that he is determine to restore sanity and purpose to NDDC.

Buhari goes tough by stating that the National Assembly must work within the armbit of the law and also in synergy with the audit committee to squarely bring to his notice the illegality in NDDC. I have made " it clear to the National Assembly, investigating agency, and law enforcement agency that they should ensure proper coordination."

Based on personal interpretation, it is imperative to note that Buhari comment could be said to call the National Assembly to order.

I think the National Assembly must put the country first and not their perceive interest.

The tweets of Buhari is contained here in:

Clearly, Buhari asserted that his determination is to entrench transparency and accountability within the NDDC. As the enormous resources allocated to the commission is not commiserate with the levels of development.

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