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NDDC : Niger Deltans Should Blame Themselves for the Underdevelopment in their Region (Opinion)

The quest for resource control took years of violence, destructions, deaths, and kidnappings to achieve. NDDC, Amnesty and 13% derivations brought relative peace. 

Recall when they took up arms and were requesting that the federal government either develop their region or stop drilling oil? Turns out that it wasn't about developing their region.

Since it’s inception, NDDC has received up to 40 billion dollars, but you can’t find something substantial done with it in the region. 

Today, upon the heist of corruption saddled upon that agency, the people still blame Buhari and Tinubu for their problems. 

Any organization without vision and direction can’t make any substantial progress. The quest for resource control wasn’t hinged on any vision or direction, but rather on the quest for money. Money will never bring any sustainable success without knowledge of where you are going. 

The reason why some Socio ethic cultural groups in Nigeria won’t produce any right result is because they have no vision and direction. Some have Vision, but they lack direction on how to attain it.

The major motivating factor for any struggle in Nigeria is to obtain money for self aggrandizement. It’s all about fulfilling a personal vision. Only few has societal vision. 

Nigeria has problems. There is no country without problem. The difference is that people from other countries are committed to solving their problems while many Nigerians are committed to celebrating their problems. We develop passion asking our people to leave Nigeria for Canada. Yet, when you leave the country, you will keep on wishing the country bad without making any contributions to salvage it. 

Overcoming our problems in Nigeria will start from our quest for true insight/knowledge. It is the level of your insight that will make you to overcome your peers in your field. This knowledge is different from the certificates we obtain from schools.

We are addicted to celebrating certificates, while developed countries celebrate discoveries.

The tool for sustainable empowerment lies on the depth of your insight/knowledge.

As a young Nigerian, your first tool towards becoming Great is your level of investment in true knowledge.

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