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Opinion: 4 important things you need to know about Nigerian politicians

Dont be surprised that politicians around the world have a lot of things in common but politicians in Nigeria have common similarities which are most times detesting to the majority of the country.

Well, in this article I will highlight five things you need to know about Nigerian politicians that might surprise or not surprise you. 

These politicians are making Nigeria fade away with this things. 

1. Nigerian politicians loves cosmetic projects, eye service and praise singers.

They love people that will always tell them what they wish to hear and they are mostly in love with projects that might be beautiful on the surface but doesn't last long.

Picture of one of the top politicians in Nigeria:

2. Nigeria politicians say anything just to win their election then boom all their promises are forgotten after they win. 

3. Nigerian politicians easily forget promises they made to the people of the country. 

4. Nigerian politicians have no permanent friends in politics. 

Some top politicians in Nigeria talking to the President:

I noticed that a politician might praise a fellow politician today and tomorrow, call him all sorts of names in public.

Soemetimes, they politicians are warriors who preach nothing but hate against persons in government.

Content created and supplied by: KlassicBlogger (via Opera News )

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