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"Advice please, I am a very sincere man. I really want to settle down but my salary is 20k-Man

No doubt,once a man reaches a certain age,he expected to leave his father's house and cleave unto his wife;and they shall live together as one.Sadly,most men who are mentality and physically ready for marriage are still single due to lack of money.Most times,financial instability is not as a result of one's laziness but due to how badly the economy of one's country is: lack of job,poor salary structure for graudates, political corruptions etc.

Few hours ago,a handsome facebook man identified as Benefactor Ahmed took to a popular group (Single and married) to reveal his ordeal.The man stated that he is a sincere and hardworking man;and he is also ready to get married.But the problem is that he earns 20k per month.

After posted this,it attracted a lot of reactions.Someone advised him to do his best and leave the rest to God.Another also advised him to find a lady who has something doing to support him and more other reactions.

It is not easy for one to boldy reveal his dilemma in public.What is your candid advise for this man?

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