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Suspended Oshiomhole Tells Well Wishers, He Will Unseat Obaseki As Edo State Governor.


The tales Of Oshiomhole conflit with Obaseki has become that of the fly that insists on going down the grave with the corpse, despite every effort to drive it away to save its life. Oshiomhole, the deposed APC party chairman, who had lost his chairmanship position in the party due to his unrestrained political fight with Obaseki, that also saw the APC losing Edo state to the PDP, even before election could happen, and therefore taking the APC out of the power control in the South South region, is continuing his threat to Obaseki. A threat which had initially took him from his chairmanship position to his current position as a mere suspended member of the APC.

For Oshiomhole, having been so far unsuccessful in getting a court judgement or restraining order to prevent his possible arrest by the Edo state government, who has found him having some questions of fraud to answer, regarding the reconstruction and supply of equipment to the Edo specialist hospital, finally found courage to go to Edo state, and while speaking to his well wishers that gathered around him in his home town, says he will unseat Obaseki from Edo government house. Meanwhile, Oshiomhole has not been able to lift the suspension on him, even when Obaseki is no longer in the APC.


Before, making such promise, Oshiomhole had pleaded with the people that gathered to hail him, to forgive him for ever supporting Obaseki to be governor of Edo state. He accused Obaseki of having arrested some party members, and demolishing the houses of some, without reveal what they did wrong. But that when this happened, he then begged the party members to be patient, that Obaseki will be removed as governor. This confession by Oshiomhole is in sync with the general belief by huge number of Edo people, that Oshiomhole is evil and selfish. For the party members that were allegedly arrested were those who deliberately broke the law under the guise of being well known party leaders, and the houses destroyed were of those who had grabbed government land, and who had went on to build on the land, without any government approval. In fact the land was actually grabbed under Oshiomhole's government. Meaning he is a hater of good governance. If for nothing, Obaseki has returned sanity to governance in Edo state, and the people are happy with him; except Oshiomhole whom Obaseki denied the godfathership status he so much craved for.

Therefore, it is strange and of great absurdity to hear Oshiomhole who has not be able to upturn his suspension, from the party at the state level, to be taking of unseating Obaseki. Oshiomhole as it seems now is a drowning man in the waters of Edo politics, who is making some last minute shout/noise to see if anyone could come around to save him. Unfortunately, he is making a self destructive noise. For as chairman of the APC Oshiomhole was so recalcitrant to undermined every party official that matters in the state, believing he could do anything without consequences from Abuja. Now, Oshiomhole is insignificant in Abuja, and a suspended party member in Edo state. Yet he wants to unseat a governor who has the people supports, peradventure he thinks he can openly rig election, as he did when he was the governor.

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