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Nigerian Govt won't abandon you if you're in trouble abroad; See the people they have rescued

The Nigeria government those not abandon her people who need them abroad. Below are some of the situations where Nigerians have gotten into problems abroad, and the government came to their rescue; 

1. Zainab Aliyu was accused of smuggling illegal drugs into Saudi Arabia. The Nigerian authorities later made an investigation, and found out that the drugs was planted in her luggage by a criminal gang.

2. Omay Lay 

When Omay Lay was arrested for going against the COVID-19 guideline in Uganda, the Nigeria government ensured that Omay Lay was released.

3. In the Xenophobic violence that happened last year in South Africa, the Nigeria Government ensured that some Nigerians were repatriated back home. 

The only time they can't help you is if you commit a grievous offence in the country you travelled to after several warnings. Offence like smuggling drugs into countries like Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia etc that have death penalty for such crime. In this case, the Nigeria Government can not help you. Unless, it was a setup, then the Nigeria government will investigate into it. Just like they did in the case of Zainab Aliyu.

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