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Check Out The PDP Gubernatorial Candidate of 2023 Election Whose Father Was Also A Governor

Interestingly, The Premium Times has reported on a PDP Governorship candidate in Jigawa State, Mustapha Sule Lamido, whose father, Sule Lamido, also served as the executive governor of Jigawa State for eight years, from 2007 to 2015, as well as the minister of foreign affairs from 1999 to 2003.

The fact that a political dynasty is emerging in Nigeria's political scene is noteworthy, and it highlights the need for greater diversity and inclusivity in the country's governance structures. While the younger Lamido's candidacy is a testament to his family's political influence, it is essential to evaluate his merit based on his capabilities and vision for the state he hopes to govern.

The emergence of political dynasties can have both positive and negative effects on a country's political landscape. On the one hand, it can foster continuity and stability, given that families with a history of political leaders tend to have a better understanding of the inner workings of the political system. On the other hand, it can also perpetuate the dominance of a particular group or class, leading to a lack of representation for other groups.

In conclusion, while the younger Lamido's candidacy is noteworthy due to his family's political legacy, it is crucial to assess his capability to govern the state effectively. Additionally, the emergence of political dynasties should be closely monitored to ensure that it does not impede the growth of democracy and inclusivity in Nigeria.

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