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(OPINION) Tolulope Arotille Death Was Not Ordinary.


T. AROTILE, is one of the flight combattant officer with the Nigerian soldier. She is one girl that I love her smartness, zeal and passion for her carrier. She is based here in Kaduna air force base and she fly's the UH-60L military helicopter.

When they say she is the first female combatant, it means that she goes to war with a flying jet and comes back alive and safe without any scratch.

But listen to this...

She waved at her friend to stop and carry her, the friend stopped and put reverse to go back and pick her up but unfortunately as the reversed car was coming back, the car hit her down, climbed her and that was how she died.


The questions are these. How come the person reversing back didn't see her?

How come she as a well trained combatant soldier wasn't alert enough to see the car coming back?

She didn't die in training, or while going to war or flying her helicopter, how come it was just a mere car on reverse killed her?

These questions have made me to conclude that there are powers that fight the stars of men. There are powers that don't want you to shine at all, they cut you off once they see that people are beginning to celebrate your light

There are powers that can fight you for your father's sake, maybe your parents offended someone years back and the only way to revenge is to hit their seeds down.

There are programmed powers that work against people on daily bases, there powers will do nothing to you until the time of their programming comes, and the time could be when you are very close to success or when you are celebrating or about to.

This is the period they strike and when they do, they hardly miss their target.


No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, says the LORD.

(Isaiah 54:17)

You shall not be a victim of any circumstances in Jesus name Amen

Every programmed accident or arrows of darkness fired towards you shall backfire in double folds in Jesus name Amen

The errors of your father's shall live with them, it shall not be transferred into you in Jesus name Amen. Every revenge of the ENEMY on me based on what my parents have done shall not stand in Jesus name Amen.

I am

Dr. Daniel Francis.

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Kaduna Nigerian Tolulope Arotille UH-60L


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