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Opinion: I Laugh When I Hear Fulanis Are Evils

All over the news and social media in Nigeria for the past few weeks is all about the killings,raping and kidnappings by the Fulani herdsmen.

It has being registered in our subconscious minds that Fulani's are evil not to talk of the Fulani herdsmen who travel from one location to the other with their cows to graze.

There are two important things i will like us to understand. There is this Igbo adage that says " Whenever a finger touches a palm oil all the four fingers will have a feel of it",meaning in this context that people always generalize that all Fulani's are evil simply because few bad eggs are in their midst.

Fulani's Are Good People In My Community:I hail from Okija in Ihaila Local Government Area of Anambra state and over the years we have being living peacefully with the Fulani's,we've not heard any bad news that were connected to them until social media reports started springing up.

So when this whole event of how bad they are that we always see everyday on the social media,i can't possibly connect to that from my own end. All i believe is that few bad eggs needed to be flushed out.

Bad Eggs Are In Every Tribe:Before you remove a beam from someone's eyes,first remove the small sand particles from your own eyes. Why i say this is because every tribe, people or race have their own defects. Nobody is a saint,let's not waste all our energy in one thing we all do.

The Igbo's,Yoruba's and the Hausa's,all have their own flaws and simply labelling a particular region or people "bad and Evil" is not the way forward cause people have their own strength too just like every one of us.

There is this report that in the olden days when great kings die,7 heads of human beings will be buried along side with him and this happens in two popular tribes in Nigeria. Is that not evil at the highest level?

I plead that we all should reposition our thinking and mindset towards believing that Fulani's and Fulani herdsmen are all evil because nobody is a saint.

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