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Opinion: 3 Reasons Why The Igbos Are The Richest People In Nigeria

The Igbos are been marginalized in Nigerian politics, but when it comes to the aspect of riches, wealth and respect, you can't take it away from them. During the Nigerian civil war, the Igbos were badly affected economically, no one thought they could ever amount to anything in the country. But after the civil war was over, the Igbos started bouncing back and before you could say Jack Robson, they have become the envy of all. Today in Nigeria, the Igbos are the most successful and richest people in Nigeria. Check through this country, and count 10 most successful and richest people, the Igbos are the ones topping the list.

Below are three reasons why this special set of people are the most richest

1. Hard work with patience

Whenever an Igbo man decides to engage in a business or trade, they work hard to ensure that the business is successful. There maybe many challenges, but an Igbo man will patiently overcome all the hurdles and obstacles till he makes it. Others may quit easily but not an Igbo man. Give him N5,000 to start a business and come after two years to check on him, you will marvel at what you will see with your eyes.

2. They are resilient and resolute

An Igbo man may start a business, no matter the challenges associated with that business, they are resolute no matter what happen to succeed. I have seen cases where others start their business because of one little problem, they quit and fold up their business. The Igbo man is not like that. Once they makeup their mind, it is very difficult if not impossible to stop them from achieving their dream.

3. They highly favored by God

You might probably have heard it somewhere that the Igbos are part of the Jewish people that are favoured by God. The truth is that this set of people are specially and highly talented by God when it comes to business and creating wealth. There is no part of the world that you won't find an Igbo person who is successful. The Igbos are been referred to as the China and Germany of Nigeria.

When you go to places like Aba, Onitsha, Lagos and other major cities in Nigeria, you will discover that the business life of those cities are been controlled by the Igbos. It will not be out of place to say that the Igbos contribute also 80% to Nigeria's economy.

The Igbos are ready to pay the price for success of which many tribes are afraid to do so. An Igbo man can go extra mile to get what he is looking for, this is what makes them different from others. Do you agree with me?

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