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The World Began To Doubt The Nobel Peace Prize When These 3 Dictators Were Nominated

The Nobel peace prize has always been revered, respected for its importance and the recognition it gives to those who have done well in an attempt to bring peace to the world. For instance, people such as Gandhi, and Mother Teresa. However, there are times when the peace prize is given to someone in history and the world simply became doubtful of the process that leads to the selection process. For instance, when the peace prize was given to Barack Obama in 2009, the world was divided on whether or not he deserves it, especially since it was handed to him just nine months after he ascended office. I recall Washington Post calling the award "premature." 

However, compared to others who have received to award, the world has never been as divided as to when these three about to be mentioned, received their peace prize. Though some writers noted that Obama's win was simply because he revoked and kicked against most of the policies of his predecessor George Bush. However, compared to some others, the peace prize given to Obama is nothing. One can't bring himself to imagine that someone like Henry Kissinger revived the peace prize in 1973, despite being the one who ordered the bombing of Hanoi while a ceasefire was in process of being negotiated. There are different stories of Nobel peace prizes being given to the wrong people, being placed in the hands of people who seem to be anything but peaceful. Though there are lots of such people, below I will be listing just three of such people, you can call them the worst of them all. 

How did Benito Mussolini receive two nominations? 

The history books will never forget to place Mussolini in the list of some of the world's most terrible dictators. The Italian dictator is somewhat a symbol of violence, when you picture him, you cannot help but imagine violence. Interestingly, despite his actions and his Fascist views, some of which led him to openly attack and murder his opponents openly, he was still on the run to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. It didn't seem to matter that his fascist party had been in the act of violence for years, even before Mussolini. 

OH well, Joseph Stalin too?

If you know or might have heard the name, Joseph Stalin ever, then you have an idea of why he probably doesn't even deserve to come close to being nominated. I mean it just seems unthinkable that the fascist leader, whose actions have been noted in history to be some of the most violent, considering that he is said to have been responsible for the death of tens of millions of his people, could be nominated for such a prestigious peace award. However, his actions didn't matter much in 1945, and in 1948, both years, the Soviet Union Leader was nominated. 

Adolph Hitler Was Also Nominated

You wonder if someone who has been described to be evil could be nominated, then this award must have lost its priorities at some point right? Well, perhaps. The leader of Nazi Germany and one of the most reviled figures in history was nominated for the Nobel peace prize. However, unlike others who have been nominated before, Hitler's nomination seemed more like a joke. 

I believe it started in January when Hitler's name was submitted to the award for consideration by a Swedish Politician, Erik Brandt. Brandt's aimed to pass a comical message mixed with irony. 

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