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Where did Nigeria go wrong and how we can all rebuild our beloved country.

Nigeria as we all know is plagued by many varieties of problems coming in different forms and regressing us every day. We have been blessed with numerous natural and human resources which if put to work right will lead us out of this dark times we've been going through. Nigeria in the 1960-1990 era was developing into a real giant as our currency was very strong. The poverty levels were very low and prosperity was widespread in the country.

I've been told various stories of these times by my elders, I was told that immediately any indigene of the country finished their University education and served in the NYSC programme,they were beseiged with many job offers from various companies and given cars immediately they gained employment. There was no lack of opportunities in the system and the population lived in oppulence,so the question is WHERE DID IT ALL GO WRONG?

First of all, we must tackle this issue of corruption, nepotism (man o man) and the indifference among citizens over the welfare of our beloved country.

Secondly we must look to our future,the youths. They must be well developed and trained so as to bring a new wave of respect to our country and with it investment

I believe I can't say it all but I know the reader of this article has opinions on how to lead our country to development,I'll like to hear your opinion.

Thanks for reading and remember,we have only one home ,one country and we must fight for it's success.

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