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Opinion: Forget About APC And PDP, Checkout The Youth Party That May Emerge To Win 2023 Presidency

Nigeria is a country that supposedly practices a multi-party system. This means that, many registered political parties can compete for a political post with equal rights. However, the actual case in Nigeria does not really seem to be so because despite the said multi-party system, only two political parties have been dominating the major political posts in Nigeria.

The two political parties i am talking about are the All Progressives Cogress (APC) and the People's Democratic Party (PDP). The competition for major political positions in Nigeria is between these 2 parties as every other registered party simply seem to be there for fancy.

The EndSARS protest which took place in Nigeria not quite long ago shook the foundations of politics in Nigeria. The courage the youths showcased in airing their opinions and demanding for a better government showed that that the youths are getting ready to take active part in the governance of our beloved country.

As the 2023 elections draw nearer, the major political parties like APC and PDP might already be planning who their candidate will be but due to the outcome of the EndSARS protest, the youths may also wish to have active part in governance come 2023. If you followed the EndSARS protest closely, you would have noticed the youths agitating for a political party comprising only youths to contest for Presidency in 2023.

However, I think the best party for the youths to contest under is the Young Progressive Party. With the unity Nigerian youths have shown, the YPP would give APC and PDP a tough run come 2023 only if the youths keep up the same energy they used during the protests. If all Nigerian youths give the YPP their support in 2023, a youth might become president.

Well, let us wait and see.

Dear reader, do you think a youth can rule Nigeria in 2023 or is it something that can never happen?

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