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Opinion: Fulani Herdsmen slowly losing its recognition in Nigeria

One Nigeria! One Nation! One Goal! Many Yoruba people in Nigeria once held this belief. Before a band of Fulani herders unleashed their wrath on their hard-won farmlands. I can still recall seeing Yoruba farmers battle on television over farmlands when I was a child. I found it funny at the time and wondered why grown adults would argue so much over ordinary farmlands, but as I grew older, I realized why they fought so hard back then.

They battled primarily on two issues: 1)Responsibility rests on their shoulders: they have a family and extended family who look up to them; and 2)

2)To have something tangible to pass across to their children as inheritance.

A large number of Fulani men have denounced the act of Yoruba warlords giving their people advance notice and evicting them from their lands. If our memory haven't failed us, we can recall that last year's top news story was about Fulani Herdsmen Attacking Farmers.

It is good to know that no Fulani man stood up and warned these people to desist from this brutal act.

The fact is that Sunday Ighoho's appearance to protect Yoruba land was divinely orchestrated. Yoruba Freedom Fighters have been sabotaging Fulani Herdsmen assaults on innocent civilians since then.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article; however, I have a fast question for all Nigerians: Why is it illegal for a Nigerian to handle an Ak47-rifle when a Fulani herder can use the same weapon to direct his cattle?

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