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The Sixteen Commandments To Obey In Igbo Land.

The Igbo Nation/Tribe is of the tribes in Nigeria who believe so much in culture and tradition. It is believed that are originated from the ancient "Gad".

Meanwhile, to survive in Igbo land without the wrath of the ancestors, one must be conscious of what he do. The forefathers abided by certain things and they were prosperous.

Read the commandments;

1. You must know who your god of Incarnate is (CHI).

2. You must know who your ancestors are as well as your ancestral root (NDI ICHE).

3. You must know spirit guiding the traditionns/Omenala of your land (AGWU)

4. You must know the water spirit incarnate you belong (NDI MMIRI).

5. You must know your family altar, that of your kindred, village and community. (OKWU MMUO).

6. You must know your incarnate covenant (IYI UWA).

7. You must also know all the waters in your town and the spirits guiding them.

8. You must not have to sleep with someone else's wife or husband.

9. You must not sleep with any bereaved woman when she's still in her late husband's family.

10. You must not be caught having an affair with a divorcee whose family is yet to return or collect help r bride price.

11. You must not sleep with a menstruating woman and that includes your wife.

12. You must not steal your fellow man's property, no matter what it may be.

13. You must not bear erroneous witness against anyone or take an oath on nothing you know.

14. You must not belong to any blood coven/cult.

15. You must not be involved in homosexuality.

16. You must not sleep with your blood relatives, be it nuclear or extended.

These commandments made our forefathers live as long as 120years. Most of them lived healthy and successful even till death. But the current dispensation has chosen to derail from the set standard and it's been very disastrous.

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