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Astrology Divination


We are in the first week of April, Join me as I say these prayers.

Lord God, giver of bread, we bless You for your Heavenly kindness. There can be no famine while the bread of Heaven endures, and help us to remember that when we are forgetful of Your infinite kindness.

Oh God I thank you for helping me to enter a new month. 

Oh Lord, send angels on errands to bring to pass an uncommon breakthrough for me in this new month. Let my lips sing the songs of victory. Let my testimony seem like a dream. Make my mouth say with confidence; my God is good! I ask for divine turn around in my business and career.

Father, I pray for protection at night and during the day. Lead me to righteousness, and strengthen me in the mighty name of Jesus.

Lord, in whatever way that I have sinned against you and disobeyed your word and instructions, please show me mercy according to your loving kindness and forgive my sins according to your mercy that endures forever in Jesus name.

May our prayers be answered in Jesus name.

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