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2 Questions That Are Difficult for Most Fake Pastors to Answer.

There are 2 questions that are difficult for most fake pastors to answer. These questions can help one differentiate the genuine pastors from the fake ones. You may use it as a test, but you should be very wise when doing this. And above all, ask the Holy Spirit for direction and discernment. Without further ado, the 2 questions are:

1. Who did you serve under? Or Who was your spiritual mentor:

This is one of the questions which most fake pastors find difficult to answer. This is also one of the questions that can enable you differentiate a genuine pastor from a fake one. The truth about the matter is that there is no one who fell from the sky. Even the prophets in the bible had a mentor. Elisha’s mentor was Elijah. The disciples were under the mentorship of our LORD Jesus Christ, and they did exploits for him. So you can see that formerly having a mentor is one of the things that a pastor should have. Any pastor that who tells you a story of his mentor which is true and correct after thorough investigation can be regarded as a genuine person. Anything outside this may be regarded as fake.

2. How Did You Receive Your Calling?

The next question is how did you receive your spiritual calling? The prophets in the bible were called by God in different ways. Moses was called out of a burning bush which was not consumed. Jeremiah was called when he was a little boy. Apostle Paul was called by Jesus Christ himself out of a very bright light that came down from heaven. I could go on but I would stop here. However, these examples have shown you that a pastor should have a story of how he received his calling. This story should not be a mare carnal story. It should be something spiritual. To know the spiritual nature of the story, you have to ask the Holy Spirit for discernment. This would help you distinguish the true story from the fake ones.

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