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“I Prayed For 72 Hours Non Stop.”- Apostle Joshua Selman

There was a time many years ago that God gave me an instruction to pray for 72 hours non stop. I was in the realm of the spirit. Through out that time without seeing the light of day. The reason for the prayer is to stop the power of the enemy which is at work in the life of the children of God. Although, this can not be done without the help of the holy spirit. It is the spirit of God that supply energy to me.

The fact is that, there is nobody who can pray more than one hour without the help of the holy spirit. The bible said “Those that are lead by the holy spirit are sons and daughters of God.” you have to upgrade your spiritual life in order to fight certain territories.

It is not everything that is a gift, there are certain things that requires sacrifice for you to get them. As a pastor you can only be recognize by the types of grace you have. Many people think that healing is a very simple thing to do but obviously it's not. For you to pray and healing power of God to manifest you need a higher level of anointing and it is through fasting and prayer that it can come to pass.

There are many of you who want to break certain course and shame in your family but the lord is telling you today that It can not be without sacrifice and discipline. You have to discipline yourself before you can receive the grace for that level.

Before the holy spirit comes fully upon me it took sacrifice and constant fasting and prayers. It is obvious that a lot of minister want God to use them in healing ministry but are not ready to sacrifice their life for God.

When your life becomes offering and sacrifice then you will start working in signs and wonders. All these things are the prices you have to pay for the kingdom of God.

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Joshua Selman


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