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Astrology Divination


Deliverance prayer for divine breakthrough

1 I release myself from every ancestral pollution in Jesus name

2. I release myself from spiritual pollution emanating from my parents, religion in Jesus name.

3. I break and loose myself from every idol worshippe and affiliation in Jesus name.

4. I release myself from every dream pollution in Jesus name.

5. Let all the rivers, trees, forest, evil companion, against me in dream be destroy in Jesus name.

6. I command every evil seed in my life to be flush out by the cleansing of the blood of Jesus.

7. Evil strangers in my body come out in the mighty name of Jesus.

8. Let all the avenue of eating, drinking spiritual poison be close in Jesus name.

9. I vomit every food eaten from the table of witches and wizard in Jesus name.

10. Let all the evil circulated in my blood stream, be evacuated in Jesus name.

11. I plead the blood of Jesus over my life

12. Holy ghost fire burn from the top of my body to the soul of my feet burn out every evil plant in Jesus name.

13. I cut off myself from every spirit of stagnation, backwardness, fruitless labour in Jesus name.

14 I cut off myself from every rebellious spirit in Jesus name.

15. I deliver myself from every territorial spirit in Jesus name

16 Holy ghost fire, Purge my life completely.

17. I claim my complete deliverance in Jesus name.

18. I break the hold of and evil power over my life in Jesus name.

19. I move from bondage into liberty in every aspect of my life in Jesus name.

20 Thank you Lord for answering my prayers in Jesus name. God bless you as you go through this piece, please like, share and comments.

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